taurus2.plus.com, taurus2.co.uk and 1stemersonvalleyrainbows.org.uk domains are privately owned and not used for any commercial purposes. Some services are hosted in full or in part on our Webhost's system/s, and some on my own server. If you experience any problems then please email me at the address below with any error information you have.

The 1stemersonvalleyrainbows.org.uk domain and website is managed voluntarily for the 1st Emerson Valley Rainbows, a unit of Girlguiding UK. Webhosting is provided free to the unit as, a UK Charity by Krystal Webhosting.


I have been trying to email <user>@taurus2.plus.com / <user>@taurus2.co.uk / <user>@gb7imk.co.uk but I think my mail is getting lost!?
I have been trying to email <user>@taurus2.plus.com / <user>@gb7imk.co.uk but my mail bounces back!?
First check that you have the email address correct, as only valid receipient addresses are accepted. 'User unknown' within the bounceback email is an indication of this.

It may be that you are the unfortunate victim of my email filtering. I run my own SMTP/POP3 mail servers, giving me full anti-spam and anti-virus control. Contact the email address at the bottom of this page, giving as much information as possible, including the emails Message-ID.

I / We have had an email from you saying that our SMTP server is open-relay!?
This means that your SMTP server is insecure and currently we are seeing third-party UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email)/SPAM attempting to be forwarded through your system/s.

Network Abuse Clearing House host a useful utility for testing your SMTP server for open-relay at https://www.abuse.net/relay.html.

Users should visit Miscrosoft's page at, How to block open SMTP relaying and clean up Exchange Server SMTP queues in Windows Small Business Server.

Further help for MS Exchange administrators can be found at https://www.msexchange.org/.

Postfix is not, by default, an open relay. More information (including explanations of some confusion behavior in early versions) can be found in the Postfix FAQ, https://www.postfix.org/SMTPD_ACCESS_README.html, and the UCE Controls, https://www.postfix.org/uce.html, section of the Postfix Configuration manual.

I / We suspect your SMTP server is open-relay or is sending UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email)!?

The domains taurus2.plus.com and gb7imk.co.uk are used for family purposes only and not for any commercial purposes. In the first instance, do please contact me at the email address below. There is much SPAM flying about with fake addressing. If your logs show that the SMTP connect was from my domain then yes, I may have a problem.

Web (www)

I have found a broken page link on your website/s. Who do I contact?
Please contact me via the email address below, giving as much information as possible, including URL.


I run several other services on my server for access by the amateur radio community. https://www.gb7imk.co.uk lists contact details for me but if these fail, please use the email address below, giving as much information as possible, including URL.

Email: postmaster email address